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Homeland Security Sector

  • Homeland Security in India has witnessed an increasing focus in the recent past. Occurrences like the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, increasing instances of domestic terrorism, ethnic conflicts and other real and perceived threats have reiterated the critical importance of protecting the internal environment of the country from any potential disruption. In light of these events and threats, the Central and State governments in the country now perceive the modernization and up-gradation of the country's Homeland Security infrastructure as an area of priority. This has led to an increase in the Defence and Homeland Security expenditure outlay in the country.
  • This covers modernization programs for providing better equipment and training to the security forces deployed with the task of Homeland Security in India, creation of a centralized comprehensive database called National Information Grid (NATGRID) by combining the individual databases of several government agencies, setting up of the CCTNS (Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems) and several other such measures. In this endeavor, there are several areas which are critical to the Homeland Security of India and thus require specific focus.

Internal Security - Ministry of Home Affairs & PMO

The investment and upgradation is required in the following areas:

  • Cyber and counterterrorism, Intelligence databasesand communications
  • Police modernisation and creation of specialtask force equipped to handleterrorism
  • Safe city surveillance and critical infrastructure protection
  • Border infiltration and coastal / marine security

Strategic and External Security - Ministry of Defence & Armed Forces and Others

  • Major focus on increased private partnership in technology transfers and JV in defence R&D
  • Air: Modernisation of Indian aerospace with major emphasis on capacity augmentation
  • Land: New surveillance and missile shield programs
  • Sea: Develop technologically superior imaging and communication systems, investments for procurement of long-range maritime patrol aircrafts and amphibious warfare ships
  • Space surveillance through development and deployment of geo-stationary satellites